Light dimmer 12-24V for SCANIA 5V...

Light dimmer 12-24V for SCANIA 5V controller

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Light dimmer 12-24V for SCANIA 5V controller

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Controller that converts the 5V signal from Scania' built in dimmer to 12V or 24V, depending on connected supply. This means you can connect regular LEDs and LED strips, and still dim these with the built in 5V dimmer.

The controller is simple to connect with the screw terminals.



DIM5V - Plus from Scania dimmer connects here (5V)

IN- Connects to the minus from the truck (12V/24V)

IN+ Connects to ground from the truck 


OUT+ Output with plus for the lights (12V/24V)

OUT- Output with minus for the lights

It is important that you use both GND and 24V on the controller, when the lights are connected. The controller must be as close as possible to the dimmer.

Max current 5A, and there is a 5A fuse (type 2410 smd) on the circuit board.

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